The Championship

Competition flying

It might sound unbelievable, but one can race even with a hot air balloon. The ballooning has been taken to the global level. International races take place under the aegis of the international organizations, mainly FAI (The World Air Sports Federation), which gathers more than 10 000 pilots from 40 countries. For the top hundred there is a world championship every even year. Balloons race in over 30 disciplines given by rules, mostly in flights at the distance and at the target. The best pilots fly, after an hour and from the prescribed distance of some kilometers, with their “balloons taken by the wind” at the target with centimeter accuracy. The main principal of this racing is to search for a wind direction in various altitudes. This can be achieved by ascending or descending.
Races take place in different events – for example a national championship. It is usually a severaldays event at which racing teams with their balloons gather and compete. There is a briefing prioreach flight at which the organizers of the event present meteorological conditions and the race director enounces disciplines. All pilots will also get GPS logger, which is sealed in the basket or fastened to the envelope. The logger records the flight trajectory, flight duration, and serves as a inspection device for the jury. When the pilot flies at the target, he throws the so called marker (strip of a fabric with the sandy sack at the end of it) by which he tries to hit it. The target is made of a fabric cross placed in the field. Who hits the target the closest becomes the winner. The markers distance is measured by the referee.


Minimum PIC hours: 30

Maximum pilots: 50

Maximimum volume of envelope: 3000m3

Registration ends: 15.8.2018