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hot-air balloon flying,

we would like to invite you to traditional 22th Czech national hot-air balloon championship 2018, which is going to be located in Staré Město and Uherské Hradiště. This year the championship is being organised by Balonklub Slovacko under the sanction and support of the Czech balloon federation. This event will be held from Wednesday August 29th to Saturday September 1st. Event director is again Zoltan Palhegyi.

Prerequisities for enter the event are at least 20 hours as PIC and maximum volume of balloon is 3000 m3 (105000 cu ft). For entrying the event please fill in the online form and make payment for entry fee until May 31st.

Fiesta Entry fee

Fiesta Entry fee

180 EUR (or 4500,- CZK)
for standard balloon shape
0,- CZK (or 0,- EUR) for special balloon shape
(subvention 200,- EUR for trip over 400km, if you need an additional crew member ask the organizator) Fiesta entry fee include gas for afternoon flights.
Czech Nationals Entry Fee

Czech Nationals Entry Fee

150,- EUR (or 3750,- CZK)
Gas is NOT included. We will ask you for a deposit of 200,- EUR (or 5000,- CZK) casch at check-in.

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